Friday, January 11, 2013

Old dog, new trick

They say ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, but how old is old in doggy years? Today our dog Mini celebrates her 5th birthday and in just the same way I have an ever increasing spattering of grey hairs on my head her chin is flecked in white, so is she now old?

Baby face

New Trick

Using good old Google I found myself on the Pedigree Dog Age Calculator page and at five years old Mini is 40 in human years and is considered an adult – next year at six, she will be 47 and considered a senior! I guess just like me she is middle aged rather than old, which also explains how over Christmas we were able to teach her a new trick. Clever Mini will now sit and give her paw, although somewhat hesitantly and only for food, it is still a real breakthrough for a dog who doesn’t normally like her paws touched. She still enjoys a good sprint across the fields following the scents of deer, hare, heron and grouse and at any opportunity will charge down the garden chasing and retrieving her ball/shoe/non-squeaking squeaky toy. 


Chewing is still one of her favourite things and over the years she has eaten her way through a number of things including my feather duster, a couple of chair legs and Grandpa’s artisan made saucisson (over Christmas). She loves to travel with us, has her own safe space in the car and we don’t hear a sound from her, even for the twelve hour drive to the UK.

We certainly hope there will be plenty of life in the old dog yet! Happy Birthday Mini you have given us many smiles.

Sorry Mum!


  1. Being of Royal blood, hard to let help touch the paw.

    1. You should see the look she gives us - you must be right!

  2. Our old dog Ben used to do this trick, but only in French! He was taught it by a French student with the key-words `Donnes la patte!` and to say `Give us your paw would earn only a puzzled look!


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