Friday, January 18, 2013

Raclette confession

Dear readers, my name is Jacqui, I am 41years old, a foodie and a Francophile, but I have a big confession. Until last week I was a raclette virgin! How? Especially when cheese is one of my naughty pleasures. It is a mystery and more so as I can think of few things more comforting on a winters evening than gooey, warm, melted cheese. The basics of a raclette meal are, I think, meats and vegetables you grill together at the table and serve with cooked potatoes and warm freshly melted cheese poured over the top. The cheese cooks in special miniature pans under the grill plate. Total yumminess on a plate and a very social meal experience too.

Having been inducted into the tasty treat at some friends we just had to get ourselves a raclette ‘unit’ of our own. We opted for a teeny, tiny small one as there are only three of us and the price was teeny, tiny too. We figured if it becomes one of those gadgets that sits in the kitchen gathering dust we haven’t wasted much money and if we LOVE it we can always upgrade.

The raclette grill came with a fantastic instruction manual that included some helpful hints I’d like to share with you:

‘Small pieces of meat and/or fish cook quicker than big pieces’
‘Never move the hotplate with hands when still hot: you could get burned’
‘Clean the pans in water and washing-up liquid. Rinse well and allow to dry’

Raclette meal

Right I think I’ve got that, now on to a feast of unctuous, deliciousness. In an attempt to keep things as healthy as they can be, when the main part of the meal is melted cheese, we grilled mushrooms, peppers, onions and garlic as well as a selection of hams. But I would like your help in case I am missing something; do you Raclette and if so what do you cook on yours? Many thanks.