Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Giving thanks

I have lots to be thankful for this week and thought I would share some of the things with you. For a start it seems to have finally run out of rain, at least for the moment, and we have had a good run of blue sky, sunny days, even if they do start off with a cold frost. This is my perfect winter weather, the garlics need the frost to split into bulbs and to have the bed sheets flapping in the gentle breeze and sun will mean they smell so much nicer when back on my bed.

Ed is now on holiday, which means two whole weeks of no school and this week it is just the two of us. It would be true to say Ed and I have a more relaxed attitude to getting up time, mealtimes and basically routine in general than Ade does – I mean we all love a pj day every now again don’t we? I have also been savouring the silly times; hugs and giggles on the sofa whilst watching TV together. I realise these days are numbered as he rapidly approaches the dreaded 13, although I have noticed that now he is taller than me he seems to be much happier to be seen in public with me (unless I have finally lost that second head). Next week will seem much more like a real holiday as Ade will be back and his parents will be joining us.

French village diaries life in France deer
Grazing deer at the end of the hunting season

There are suddenly lots of signs of spring both in the garden and out in the countryside around the village. The family of Great Tits have been spotted in the same stonewall by the pool they nested in last year, but this year they have chosen a more secluded hole behind an ivy leaf. The cranes and geese have started their migration north and make a spectacular display in the skies overhead that never fails to make me smile. The hunting season is almost over and seeing eight deer grazing in the fields on today’s dog walk was a cheery sight – they have lasted this long so the odds are good they will get to see another summer. The garlics have survived the wet and sent up lovely green shoots full of promise for this years harvest, and I can’t wait.

Finally, today was warm enough to have morning coffee and lunch in the garden and I have conquered the ironing mountain, yippee.

French village diaries life in France garlic potager
New garlic shoots in Spring

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