Sunday, February 17, 2013

Silent Sunday

Welcome to another week in pictures. I'm happy to say many hours have been spent outdoors, especially this weekend and signs of spring are everywhere. The washing has dried outdoors, the garlics are shooting up, the crocus are flowering and the geese and cranes have been spotted heading north.

Coffee and Croissant French Village Diaries Silent Sunday
The perfect start to a sunny Sunday

French Village Diaries silent Sunday kitchen
I won the battle of the gas bottle, successfully removing the tough plastic cap and changing it sans homme

French village diaries valentine love

French village diaries spring life
Signs of spring out and about

French village diaries geese migrating north spring
Geese heading north at sunset


  1. Beautiful!!! Wish I was back in France here on east coast of US it is snowing again where to put it all. Enjoy your Sunday, Jane

    1. Thanks Jane, hope the snow goes and your spring arrives very soon.


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