Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free language lessons

Running a business in France means we often get interesting and sometimes alarming things in the post, like the time they made a mistake with our social charges calculations and sent a bill for 20,000€. Now that was a fun day! This week the local chamber of commerce sent Ade a letter offering him free English lessons. It explained that English was very useful in business and they have a course on offer that will help in all business situations from talking on the telephone, to holding a meeting, to project management and understanding contracts. I probably won't sign him up but I do wonder how much interest there will be in our out-of-the way rural area.

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Free business English lessons offered

A similar scheme has been offered at Ed's school, again by the chamber of commerce, offering French, maths and IT help for parents. As my spoken French is passable but my written and grammar could do with some more work I jumped at the chance and put my name down. I received a letter giving me the date of the first meeting, organised to give us more information and asses what we wanted. However on the day of the meeting I was called by the headmistress to say they had to cancel, as I was the only parent attending! I am sure not all of the parents are able do their child's maths homework and I know many of Ed's friends don't have a computer at home or computer literate parents, so I think it is sad people aren't taking advantage of free help when it is on offer. I can only hope they do get more interest and reschedule it, although I wouldn't mind one to one French lessons. What about you? Would you take up an offer like this?