Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book review of A Paris Haunting by Janet Doolaege

My Book Worm Wednesday review today is of A Paris Haunting by Janet Doolaege who kindly sent me a copy of her book to review.
french village diaries book worm wednesday review of A Paris Haunting by Janet Doolaege
The story follows freelance translator Kay as she finds herself involved in the lives of three friends; a bookseller and two musicians, who have drifted apart since the sudden death of their friend and talented jewellery maker Harriet. There is a mystery surrounding Harriet’s behaviour just before she died and since then life for the others seems to be going wrong. Should Kay interfere? Is there anything she can do to help them out, especially as communication between them all is strained? With emotions running high, relationships are tested and lessons are learnt, as bit by bit they put together the last moments of Harriet’s life in the hope they can all move forward in peace.

I was totally hooked by the unfolding story, especially as every time they found a piece to the jigsaw it seemed the puzzle changed shape meaning they were no closer to the end. This book had me staying up late and haunted my mind as I found myself thinking about it even when not reading it. Janet also describes Paris with it’s changing seasons and views beautifully and I loved the cover showing the iconic Paris Metro entrance, which is particularly fitting for a book that is not only set in Paris but where the Metro plays an integral role too. I will read this again.

This book is available from Amazon in ebook and paperback.


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