Wednesday, September 18, 2013

For the love of scarves

french village diaries for the love of scarves France
A splash of colour from my cherry scarf

I have never really been interested in, or bothered by fashion 'must haves' and latest trends, and wouldn't describe myself as stylish. However, there is something very feminine and a touch French about wearing a scarf that I have grown to love. I think a scarf is one of the hidden treasures of a lady's wardrobe that can offer so much in any season. Whether it is worn as a statement accessory with a plain outfit or to keep you warm in winter, it delivers. Your choice of fabrics, colours, and prints is almost endless as is how you wear it. You can wrap, tie, knot, loop or drape a scarf and add it to almost any outfit you own.

There is nothing quite so comforting as a warm scarf worn on a cold, crisp, winter walk, keeping the ills of the chills away. There is nothing quite as sensuous as the feel of a light summer scarf floating on your bare shoulders in the evening breeze. I love scarves.

The scarf gives confidence to the wearer, a touch of that very French je ne sais quoi. There is nothing a woman with the right scarf can not achieve.

A scarf is a great gift to give and a delightful gift to receive. How do you wear yours?