Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Monster in the Compost

French village diaries mutant monster squash courgette zucchini
The Mutant Monster Squash

One of the most important corners of our potager is the compost heap where all year round we add the kitchen peelings, floor sweepings, bunny droppings, grass cuttings, chicken bedding, prunings and newspaper, amongst other things. Once it is rotted down to the most delicious mix it is then dug into the veggie garden in the spring to improve our soil. The collecting process then begins again. Sometimes we get a bit of a weed problem in the leftover compost, but this year we have been invaded by a monster mutant squash. It has not only completely taken over the compost heap but it is on a direct course across the grass to the tomato patch in the potager. 

However, I was never tempted to weed it out as neat and tidy really isn't me - I'm more of a 'live and let live' gardener and it has rewarded my kindness generously. So far we have harvested five huge green squash (that are rapidly turning orange) and there are at least another twenty fruits still growing. Can you imagine how much soup, chutney, relish, caviar, curry, risotto and brownies this little lot will make? I'm trembling with excitement!

French village diaries mutant monster squash courgette zucchini
First pickings of the monster squash


  1. You'll probably still be eating it this time next year! :)

    1. I know, it is so exciting! I'm hoping the squash will store for a few months and I'm cramming the freezer with soups for winter.

  2. Soooo envious. Ours have been pathetic this year. Think we only have a couple of tiddlers. :-( No pumpkin soup for us this winter - it'll be a long one without it.


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