Sunday, June 8, 2014

World Cup 2014 Exclusion Zone

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This is what we think of football
Like a contagious virus, World Cup fever is contaminating our TV ads, Internet news feeds, radio stations, supermarket shelves and TV cookery programmes, and it's not even kicked off yet. But do not despair, I'm here to help. Join me on the blog, on Facebook and on Twitter for all things fun, French and football free.

I appreciate how lucky I am to have a husband and teenage son, and neither of them have any interest in football at all. I did have a boyfriend many years ago who was so obsessed with all things football, it was a contributing factor to our splitting up. I upgraded to the superior football-free model and since then I don't think I've seen a match. So I am opening my doors and inviting you in, if you are in need of a place to escape to. I will have recipes to busy yourself with in the kitchen, books to lose yourself in, photos to amuse and more.

I can't promise a totally sport free zone as I'm looking forward to The Tour de France in July. I am hoping to catch some of the action live and my author friend Julia Stagg has kindly agreed to a Tour de France guest post to coincide with the start in Yorkshire, close to where she lives. My first top tip to escape football fever is to get yourself a set of Julia's books set in the Pyrenees. With a humourous look at French village life, fresh mountain air, lots of laughs, passion, suspense and no mention of football, these four books should keep you entertained for plenty of matches.

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