Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book review of The Church of Tango by Cherie Magnus

My review today is for The Church of Tango: a Memoir by Cherie Magnus. This book is sad, steamy, full of hope, honest and heart warming.

Cherie loses her husband and childhood sweetheart to cancer and her life changes forever. The first decision she makes is to head to Paris, alone, and learn French for a fortnight. Something in Paris reawakens her heart and she learns to live again, but there are challenges to face. Life throws many nasty shots her way, from cheating friends, love rats and her own health issues. But Cherie is a fighter. She finds tango and feeds off the incredible energy of this dance of passion. Forced to sell the family home where they had raised their children, she tries Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico before settling in her spiritual home of Buenos Aires. Here she finds peace in the hot, smoky, crowded tango halls where, like an addict, she must attend and dance the night away. Her life now is very different to when her husband was with her and the strength, courage, energy and passion she shares is nothing short of amazing.

This is an emotional read, life isn’t always easy but this shows how far you can take yourself if you really try. Throughout the book she stirred my emotions, I felt angry at the way some people treated her and in other places I shed a tear or two.

Keep on dancing Cherie and thank you for sharing your story.

The Church of Tango: a Memoir is available in ebook and paperback and links to Amazon are below.

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