Friday, November 28, 2014

One of those moments

This week I had one of those busy days that got off to a bad start when I woke up with a headache. A day that starts with a headache is a bad way to start the day as they usually fell me and I have no option but to crash. However, it seems a combination of ibuprofen with effervescent vitamin C and lots of camomile tea is worth remembering as this time I conquered it! My morning was then filled with chores, including a trip to the bank and bottle bank, before collecting Ed from school at 10.30 (I know, hardly worth going in for two hours of ping-pong is it).

I was feeling confident, despite the prospect of an afternoon in big town for Ed's appointment at the orthodontist, where there are only two tight parking spaces that may or may not be free. However I was soon stressed as Ed decided to go for a lunchtime bike ride and with ten minutes to go before we had to hit the road, he was nowhere to be seen. I was beginning to worry. Where was he? Was he OK? Where do I search first? When he appeared without a care in the world he found a rather frazzled mother who threw him, his lunch, his toothbrush and his guitar into the car all the while muttering as only a mother can.

French Village Diaries migrating cranes poitou-charentes
Migrating cranes (pic from last year)

It was then that I experienced one of those ‘moments’. Something that just made me stop, look, smile and instantly calm down. A noise overhead made me glance up in time to see a perfect V of migrating cranes flying over our house. It no longer mattered that we were a little behind my schedule; I stopped worrying about being late for the appointment or finding a parking space, I just knew it would all be fine. And it was; we arrived about a minute before two others, giving me the pick of the spaces and the orthodontist was pleased with Ed. He did request an x-ray, so after doing the shopping, we made our way to the x-ray clinic to book an appointment. The cranes weren’t finished with their good luck, as amazingly, ten minutes later we walked out of the x-ray clinic with his x-rays in an envelope and still had time for a pre guitar lesson hot chocolate in our favourite café. What started as a bad day, didn’t turn out too bad, thanks to the cranes.

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