Sunday, January 25, 2015

My patisserie challenge

French Village Diaries Patisserie challenge boulangerie eclair au chocolat
My patisserie challenge eclair au chocolat

My patisserie challenge

It’s Sunday (again) and time for part two of my 2015 patisserie challenge. This year I have decided to buy something different from our village boulangerie every Sunday and to enjoy the simple pleasure of treating myself each week. Last week I sampled and shared the buchette de noel.

Eclair au chocolat

To begin with I have decided to stick with the familiar and revisit some of Ed’s favourite patisseries, as he is far more the connoisseur than I am. My choice this week is the éclair au chocolat or chocolate éclair, although there is a big difference between the two. The chocolate éclair made in the UK is a choux pastry case filled with whipped cream and topped with chocolate. The French éclair au chocolat is filled with a chocolate crème patissiere (confectioners custard). Just one bite of this gooey, chocolaty delight and I was firmly in the French camp when it comes to the filling. It is a little sweet, but accompanied with a strong espresso coffee it is just perfect and in my opinion, not as rich as the whipped cream version from across the channel. I can certainly see why Ed would ask for one of these as often as possible when he was younger.

Although it was a cold and frosty start to the day, the sun is now shining and I think a bike ride will be the perfect way to ensure these extra patisserie calories don't stick around for too long. Please do come back next Sunday and join me as I tuck into another delight from Bernadette at the village boulangerie.

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