Sunday, February 22, 2015

My patisserie challenge, the Paris-Brest

French Village Diaries patisserie challenge Paris-Brest boulangerie
My patisserie challenge the Paris-Brest

Welcome to my patisserie challenge. This year I have decided to buy something different from our village boulangerie every Sunday and to enjoy the simple pleasure of treating myself each week. I’m getting quite used to popping down to the village boulangerie, all of a short walk from home, buying the croissants for breakfast and making my choice of sweet treat.

French Village Diaries patisserie boulangerie Paris-Brest food FranceThis week I’ve chosen something I have never tried anywhere before and more fool me. I give you the Paris-Brest, a circular choux pastry shell filled with a creamy praline flavoured mousseline (a mix of crème patissiere and cream beaten together until light and fluffy). This wheel-shaped patisserie was created in 1910 to celebrate the Paris-Brest cycle race. What's not to like about a patisserie that celebrates cycling!

I might only have eaten one of these, but I think I'm in love and it might be my favourite patisserie ever. There was an initial crunch as I took my first bite into the crisp shell, followed by the soft, nutty flavoured creamy filling that gave a delicate, light as air experience in my mouth. It was a bit messy to eat, but I don’t mind messy, especially when it tastes this good. It will be difficult not to buy one of these every week.

Please join me next week to see my next choice from Bernadette at the boulangerie.

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I've linked this blog post to author Paulita Kincer's Dreaming of France weekly link up. 

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