Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book review of Not Quite Nice by Celia Imrie

My review today is for Not Quite Nice by Celia Imrie, a first novel from an actress I love to watch on screen.

French Village Diaries book review Not Quite Nice Celia Imrie Provance France
I was drawn to this novel both by its famous author and it’s colourful cover. When I noticed it had a few very good reviews and a few very bad reviews, but at the time I bought it nothing middle of the road, this intrigued me. I would agree that just because a novel is written by a famous face it doesn’t mean what is written will be any good, but I just had to read it to find out more.

What I found inside the colourful cover was a fun, light novel filled with colourful characters, although possibly a few too many to keep track of, but that kept me entertained.

We meet Theresa at a time of her life when she needs a new direction. She isn’t ready to retire, but she loses her job and the thought of becoming a full time child minder for her rather unpleasant grand daughters makes her ready for an adventure. On holiday in a Provencal seaside town, not far from Nice, she impulse buys an apartment and begins her new life with sunshine, bars, brasseries, boulangeries and a rather quirky set of expat’s. If you have never experienced the social side of expat life in France you may find them a little odd, but having lived among them I found it very funny. There is deceit, a few twists and eventually honesty and happiness all served up in the South of France with some delicious food descriptions and added recipes. I have already made one of the tasty recipes and I’m sure I will be making some more.

This book will be a great holiday read that will take you on a short break to Provence.

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