Friday, May 29, 2015

Mini Cooper Road Trip in France

French Village Diaries Mini Cooper road trip France.
Our 2015 Mini Cooper road trip itinerary 

Hooray, it's Friday! I've had a busy week catching up on my domestic duties, clearing out and cleaning forgotten corners and rediscovering the spare room. The sofa covers have been washed and I've vacuumed under the cushions. The dog has been bathed and all the animal bedding has been cleaned. I've recycled magazines, light bulbs, batteries and even a toner cartridge that has been sitting around for months. I'm on top of the washing and ironing and I've even vacuumed the porch. This burst of activity, from an otherwise slovenly housewife, can mean only one thing, important guests are on their way! However I'm not doing this because my in laws are expecting it to be spit spot perfect, I'm doing it for me. In an ideal world I'd be this organised on a daily basis, but realistically that will never happen. Now I'm up to date I feel better and although I'm exhausted I know I'll enjoy my holiday more now I've worked for it. 

On Sunday Adrian and I are heading south on a road trip in Gizmo the Mini Cooper. If you remember our disaster last year (see here) please keep everything crossed for us that this year will be more successful, thanks. We will be leaving the running of my 'normal' life to his parents. They will be able to fill their days taxi-ing Ed around, feeding the old and wobbly cat who prefers to eat little and often throughout the day, mopping the stream of saliva that pours from the toothless mouth of the old cat, cleaning out the cat litter tray, feeding the dog, playing ball with the dog, walking the dog, picking up after the dog, watering the garden, feeding the birds, collecting eggs and cooking. Hopefully they will also have a bit of time (and good weather) to sit in the garden, listening to the birds and watching the swallows and house martins darting about. Maybe they will get time to visit a market, have a coffee in a bar and watch the world go by. They might even get a day at the coast.

Our route this year will take us along the back roads to Sarlat-la-Caneda, Castres, Nimes, Montbrun-les-Bains, Meyrueis and Rocamador. We are certainly looking forward to our adventure and I hope Adrian's parents are looking forward to theirs.

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