Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mini the dog has a bad day

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Mini the dog

Mini is a rather spoiled seven year old black Labrador cross who has lived with us since she was a puppy. She has a choice of sleeping spaces in the lounge, her bed, complete with cosy, duvet base, or two fleece covered sofas that she prefers to stretch out on rather than share with us.

She is groomed and walked every day, gets to play ball whenever she demands and is much loved. She adores and is adored by Ed, who walks her regularly and happily shares a sun lounger with her.

When we go out, she has a safe space in the front courtyard with access to sunny spots, soft grass, water and a shady, sheltered area with her outdoor bed. However, all was not well when we returned home this morning. Mini didn't run to the gate, keen to greet us, instead she was stood by her bed and wasn't happy. An intruder (who I've nicknamed Goldilocks) was curled up in her bed and was showing no sign of fear (or desire to move) despite a large black dog bearing down on her. In that very snooty way cats have, she just ignored the fuss going on around what she feels is now her new bed. Goldilocks please go home, Mini isn't the friendliest of dogs when it comes to sharing and I'm sure you must have a far less smelly bed at your home.

French Village Diaries cats animal tales
Goldilocks the intruder
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