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Book review of Wedding Bels by Lynda Renham

French Village Diaries book review Wedding Bels Lynda Renham
Wedding Bels by Lynda Renham

My review today is for Wedding Bels (previously released as Croissants and Jam) by Lynda Renham. 

French Village Diaries book review Wedding Bels Lynda Renham
Previous cover Croissants and Jam

Visually this book looked perfect; I loved the title, I loved the cover and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it. What I found was a quick read that was full of silliness and that made me smile.

Annabel is getting married, her fiancé Simon is successful, sensible and everything a single girl approaching her thirties could ask for. Everything has been planned and all that is left is for her to fly to Rome to meet his family and enjoy her perfect wedding day. This is when things start to go wrong and quite quickly spiral way out of control. Before she knows it she finds herself on a disastrous car journey through France, with a stranger in an ancient 2CV, while her friends and family are waiting in Rome for her wedding. The bride may be allowed to be late, but not this late.

Annabel is a likeable walking disaster area, if it can go wrong it will and she will be in the middle of it. I found her endearing although I think some may find her annoying. She lacks control in her life, whether it is her mother, older sister, best mate or fiancé there is always someone there who knows what is best for her and isn’t afraid to let her know. She does so much overthinking I really felt I knew her very well by the end of the book but by then I too wanted to add my advice and was silently screaming at the pages.

This book was a perfect few hours of escapism, ideal for those days when nothing seems to be going to plan as you soon realise things can’t be as bad for you as they are for Annabel.

Wedding Bels is available in ebook and paperback format and links to Amazon can be found below. I’m looking forward to reading more from Lynda.

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