Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Roundabout Passage to Venice by Patricia Steele

My review today is for A Roundabout Passage To Venice a short travel memoir of a special visit to Europe in 1995 by Patricia Steele.

French Village Diaries review A Roundabout Passage to Venice Patricia Steele
A Roundabout Passage to Venice

Patricia, in her forties, persuades her mother, in her sixties, that now is the perfect time for a trip together from the US to France. After a little thinking time, Mum agrees and soon Patricia finds herself planning a real European adventure to London, Paris (via the newly opened Channel Tunnel), Provence and Italy, as each phone call with her Mother sees another ‘must-see’ destination added to their list. Her Mother sounded great fun and was full of energy and excitement throughout their journey. 

I really enjoyed seeing my Europe and the places I know so well through their excited US eyes and couldn’t help but smile as I was reading. From the scary driving on the wrong side in London, to the history all around them in Paris and the questionable public toilets, Patricia’s writing style ensures the reader is there to experience everything with them, without the pain of sore and blistered feet. These ladies really know how to get the maximum from a trip. 

When they are in France they are lucky to stay en famille with some friends they have made. Many of the meals in their host families’ homes are described in mouth-watering detail and Patricia admits to following along in the kitchen with her notebook. I would have loved for her to include some of the recipes in the book, however she does include colour photos of them on their adventures, which is a nice touch.

This enjoyable memoir, that brings Europe in the 1990’s to life, is available in ebook and paperback and links to Amazon can be found below.

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