Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Book Review of The Vineyard by Karen Aldous

Book review The Vineyard Karen Aldous French Village Diaries
The Vineyard, Karen Aldous

My review today is for The Vineyard by Karen Aldous, a novel set in the South of France that follows the new life Lizzie has made for herself and her young son Thierry. It is a perfect summer holiday read and currently only 99p on kindle UK.

Lizzie is independent, headstrong and stubborn, but feels that the time has come to make amends and try to build bridges with the family she left behind when she ran away to France five years ago. The relationship with her mother was never great, but with Lizzie brave enough to walk back up to the front door of her family home, all she can hope for is that they will now be able to make them better. However, things don’t quite go to plan and life for Lizzie becomes tricky and very hectic, especially when the past comes crashing back into her life and threatens her son and her future.

Cal, resident vintner on her mothers land, is good looking but unavailable, and yet annoyingly present in her life. The last thing she needs is a man, so it’s unfortunate that she and Cal seem to have a chemistry that neither of them can ignore and as his work brings him to France, he seems to keep popping up in the most unexpected places. He might have helped her, but he is off limits and she isn’t sure she can trust herself with him. She needs to be strong and to keep a clear head, but with so much going on in her life, can she really go it alone?

I enjoyed the excitement of being in Cannes and getting to know Lizzie and Cal, as well as watching Lizzie change as her life moves in a new direction. With a little bit of South of France magic, things begin to fall into place and she is able to prioritise what she needs and wants for the future, both for her business, her son and her love life.

This book left me feeling very happy.

You can read my review of another of Karen’s novels, One Moment at Sunrise, here and read my France et Moi interview with her here. I will be reviewing The Riviera very soon and am looking forward to reading The Chateau.

Links to Amazon for all of Karen's novels can be found below.

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