Thursday, September 1, 2016

September arrives once again

French Village Diaries back to school 2016 la rentrée
Back to school photo 2016

Farewell to another summer, the longest summer we have had in France. Ed finished lycée on 8th June, twelve whole weeks ago, which was fantastic, but I only hope he will remember how to study. His suitcase has lain half packed on his bedroom floor for a few days and we will soon be back into the routine of dropping him off early on a Monday morning, collecting him on a Friday afternoon and washing his clothes and bedding all weekend.

This August has been the hottest, sunniest and driest we have experienced in twelve years of living here and it was with some trepidation we opened the shutters this morning. Adrian has a theory that the weather on the first day of a new month has an affect on the rest of the month. We were really hoping for blue sky rather than rain clouds, allowing us to carry on with our summer cycling routine, rather than accept Autumn is here.
French Village Diaries market day Charentais melons
Charentais melons at market

It was perfect. Warm, no wind and although sunny, not too hot either. Leaving Ed to enjoy his last weekday lie in, we set off to market, by bike. It is at this time of year that the Charentais melons are at their best and luckily Adrian is happy to carry four in his bike pannier. Even an extra one, popped in as a cadeaux by the stallholder wasn't a problem. 

French Village Diaries market day coffee
Coffee at the Auberge du Cheval Blanc, Brioux-sur-Boutonne

Next stop was the boulangerie stall for two croissants, then on to the Auberge duCheval Blanc for a coffee and catch up with the friendly owner. Market day is a great day to people watch; the older lady with her old bike, complete with wicker shopping basket tied to the back, the stall holders planning a beer together after market, the never ending queue of patient shoppers at the fish stall and the cyclist with two baguettes poking out of his backpack. I can only hope the weather stays good enough for us to continue cycling to market every week.

Much as I dislike la rentrée (back to school/work), I do think September makes a better new year than January. I'm ready to turn over a new page and set some goals in much the same way Ed is ready to return to school. Life as a weekly boarder at the intern is what he says he has missed most this summer, but it's my home cooking that he says he’s going to miss now he's back at school.

Having dropped Ed off, Adrian and I will enjoy a quiet meal for two this evening, with a Charentais melon starter and glass or two of wine, to toast what has been and will continue to be another great summer.

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