Friday, March 20, 2020

Diary of Covid-19 confinement, day four

French Village Diaries Covid-19 confinement day four
Kindle reading in the sun

Needing motivation

I’m feeling a little more locked in today and although I managed a little cleaning, I failed to find my motivational mojo to do more than that. We have created a ‘bored’ list of things to keep us occupied, but none of it appealed to me either and I found myself sneaking back to the sunlounger with my kindle to keep my company. There are times when escaping into a good book is the only option.

The sun is doing more than just helping with our moral as it’s enabling me to keep up to date with drying the washing too. Being bored shouldn’t be a problem any time soon as I’ve got used to washing and cooking for one, not three, so there is plenty of normal chores to do to keep me occupied. Whether it was overcautious or not, the clothes I was wearing when I went out yesterday, went straight in the wash on my return and now have that fresh, clean sun-dried smell.

Last week Macron assured businesses that no one would suffer financially, however the first announcement of an aid package will be inaccessible to us and I’m sure many others. To benefit you need to have a business in a certain sector (that doesn’t include us) and able to prove that your March 20 turnover is 70% less than your March 19 turnover. Seeing as the shut down only occurred this week, over half way through March, that seems a little unfair and is a worry for us.

I am however trying to remain positive and as Adrian’s mum said in a text message at the weekend:
“I think of my Grandparents, mother and aunt, severe rationing, sleeping in a communal air raid shelter in the park night after night and having the bad luck to live in London dock lands and be bombed by the Luftwaffe most night. Much of that lasted for 6 years. They’d have thought this was a breeze!”

French Village Diaries Covid-19 confinement day four
Online apexes with friends

We did have something to look forward to today, an afternoon shared apero with friends, thanks to the power of video group call. Dress code was casual, we all provided our own drinks and nibbles and we even had a quiz to keep us entertained. It was great fun to catch up and we all agreed something we will do again soon.
French Village Diaries Covid-19 confinement day four
Adrian's new look

Despite not going anywhere we are trying our best to keep up appearances, so I’ve only slopped about in leggings for two days so far and I’ve clipped Adrian’s hair. My friend also admitted to attempting a tidy up on her man’s hair, only she had to use the dog clippers - desperate times call for desperate measures. I mentioned a few days ago that Adrian had decided to grow a beard, and with a bit of an edge/neck trim this morning, I hope you will agree it is starting to look quite stylish. 

Another flicker of hope is that our department of Deux-Sèvres is still only reporting seven cases of the virus and so long as everyone takes a responsible attitude to going out, hopefully it won’t rise too much more.

Take care and stay safe.

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