Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Diary of Covid-19 confinement, day fifteen

French Village Diaries covid-19 confinement day fifteen
The Masked Man at Lidl

Day fifteen

Yesterday seemed to be a good day to achieve things, today not so. The sun has returned, but it’s still a bit too cold for me to resume my gardening chores and the wind today was wicked. It was the sort of wind that made the house creak and rattle and drove me mad as it messed with my head. I don’t like windy days at the best of times, and it seemed even worse with the added weirdness of life in lockdown. There was no way I was spending time outside in it. The forecast does show warmer temperatures should return later in the week, so that at least is something we have to look forward to.

Adrian’s escape

I am not much of a shopper, for either clothes or food, and as I’ve already ventured out twice for fresh veggies and basics, I was in no hurry to leave the safety of home again just yet. Adrian, on the other hand, hasn’t left the village in two weeks, which I think might be a record in the fifteen years that we have lived here. As you can imagine, he was feeling the need to break free, and under the excuse of topping up the other essentials I hadn’t deemed essential enough to buy; wine and beer, he took a brave leap this morning. The shop was empty of customers, full of stock and no queues at the checkout, so it was deemed such a success he has now been promoted to head of purchasing, even if the beers he bought outnumbered the courgettes by 9:1. 

Double yoga day

The best thing about today for me was being able to do my normal morning yoga for fitness class as well as an extra class this evening. It is the last week of our six-week term and Marc and Kate at Phoenix Yoga have generously allowed us to take as many online classes as we want this week. Two down today and I’m hoping for another two or three before Thursday evening. I am in heaven. I am also quite enjoying being able to watch the birds in our garden as I’m breathing and bending, and this morning I saw my first hoopoe of the year. I’m still waiting for the swallows, but they can’t be far away now, maybe they too want the easterly winds to die down before making an appearance.

Stay indoors and stay safe

Lockdown library

Today’s suggestion is the lovely Villa des Violettes trilogy, by Patricia Sands, set in Provence. I have been a big fan of Patricia's novels for many years and through these books you will find yourself in the lovely south of France.


  1. Good man Ade, priorities, that's the ticket

    1. He has been in a month of state of panic these last few days as supplies dwindled!


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