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Book review of Until the War is Over by Rosemary Goodacre

French Village Diaries book review Until the War is Over Rosemary Goodacre
Until the War is Over by Rosemary Goodacre

Until the War is Over by Rosemary Goodacre

Book Description:

In a world destroyed by war, can hope survive?
Summer 1918: Young couple Amy and Edmond Derwent, after their experiences on the front line of battle – Edmond as an officer and Amy as a VAD in France - have now settled back in England and are starting to build a life as a family, with the arrival of baby Beth bringing them much-needed joy. But while she may have married into the wealthy Derwent family, now living with her in-laws in their grand home, Amy’s modest upbringing means that she is never truly accepted by Edmond’s family.

The Great War rages on, and while the men are off fighting, those left at home steel themselves for tragic news, praying that their loved ones return safely.

Edmond, still struggling with the effects of the injury he sustained at Ypres, feels the guilt of remaining at home while his friends are sent into battle. But life at Larchbury is not without its own problems – as food becomes scarce, and the Spanish Influenza causes deaths throughout England, tragedy strikes closer to home and it seems no one is safe from heartbreak.

Can Amy and Edmond keep their love strong, even in a world crumbling all around them?

A captivating family saga set in WW1 about the power of love amongst the heartbreak of war – if you like Rosie Goodwin, Katie Flynn and Val Wood, you’ll be swept away by this engrossing, emotional novel.

French Village Diaries book review Until the War is Over Rosemary Goodacre
Blog Tour Until the War is Over Rosemary Goodacre

My Review:

Having enjoyed book one in this series, Until We Meet Again, I was looking forward to following on Edmond and Amy’s story now their daughter Beth has arrived. With Edmond injured in battle, Amy’s weak ankle and baby Beth to care for, active service days are over for the couple, who had both previously been posted to the battlefields of France. Settling back into life at the Derwent manor house in Larchbury, despite its modest luxuries, isn’t easy as they have experienced things the rest of the family could never imagine. They also both still have friends and family serving, and every day brings fearful news from the Front, about lives changed forever.

Edmond is determined to regain his strength enough to enable him to continue his university degree at Cambridge, that he gave up as war began. The plan is for Amy and Beth to join him there, but once again the couple experience a number of setbacks that see them spending time apart. Amy’s nursing experience is needed at home, where things aren’t easy for the Derwent’s, including Edmond’s spoilt sister Beatrice, whose decisions don’t always sit well with some of her family.

I loved the gentle pace of this book and its accurate portrayal of the era. We are no longer experiencing as much direct action from the Front as we did in the first book, but life is a long way from normal for everyone and the slow process to readjust their lives came across well. There are sensitive issues covered, including coming to terms with life-changing war wounds, civilian losses in the London air raids and the Spanish flu pandemic, the severity of which really hit home in the current virus situation we are living with. 

It was lovely to be back with Amy, Edmond and Beth and I’m looking forward to the final book in the series. I am sure those of you who enjoy reading historical novels and family sagas will find a lot to like in this book.

French Village Diaries book review Until the War is Over Rosemary Goodacre
Rosemary Goodacre

Author Bio:

Rosemary Goodacre is thrilled to have a three book deal with Hera Books. Her World War I romance Until We Meet Again was published on 31/10/19.
Previously Rosemary has had a novella published, entitled A Fortnight is not Enough, and a science fiction story in the anthology Telescoping Time.
Rosemary has always loved languages and travel, mainly in Europe. In her spare time she enjoys country walking, bridge and classical music. She lives in Kent, England.


  1. Thanks so much for kicking off the blog tour today and for your support. x

  2. Thank you, Jacqui, for inviting me to your Blog and giving me such a lovely review.
    I'm also still enjoying your accounts of life in France!

    1. Thank you Rosemary, I'm really enjoying this series.

  3. I've yet to read 'Until We Meet Again' but find this era for historical fiction engrossing. Is it necessary to read them in sequence?

    1. I would recommend it yes. This book begins where the first one finishes and although there are recaps you will enjoy it more if you've read book one.


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