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Book review of Double Identity by Alison Morton

French Village Diaries book review Double Identity Alison Morton #DoubleMirrorTour
Double Identity Alison Morton #DoubleMirrorTour

Double Identity – the first in a brand new thriller series,  pub. 7 January 2021


Today, as part of the #DoubleMirrorTour blog tour, I am delighted to be reviewing Double Identity, the new thriller from local author Alison Morton.


French Village Diaries book review Double Identity Alison Morton #DoubleMirrorTour
#DoubleMirrorTour Alison Morton and Helen Hollick


Deeply in love, a chic Parisian lifestyle before her. Now she’s facing prison for murder.

It’s three days since Mel des Pittones threw in her job as an intelligence analyst with the French special forces to marry financial trader Gérard Rohlbert. But her dream turns to nightmare when she wakes to find him dead in bed beside her. 


Her horror deepens when she’s accused of his murder. Met Police detective Jeff McCracken wants to pin Gérard’s death on her. Mel must track down the real killer, even if that means being forced to work with the obnoxious McCracken. 


But as she unpicks her fiancé’s past, she discovers his shocking secret life. To get to the truth, she has to go undercover and finds almost everybody around her is hiding a second self.


Mel can trust nobody. Can she uncover the real killer before they stop her? 


A stunning new thriller from the author of the award-winning Roma Nova series, fans of Daniel Silva, Stella Rimington and Chris Pavone will love Double Identity.  


My review

Mel wakes up, cold and disorientated, in a hotel room in London, her fiancé dead in the bed next to her; the life she had planned, gone before it’s begun. She soon becomes caught up in the murder enquiry and as a former soldier in the French army, highly skilled in combat and surveillance, she goes from suspect, to being seconded to the investigation. It is a crime that goes far beyond murder and reveals secrets from Gérard’s life she finds difficult to understand.


Mel is fiery, fearless and powerful, and leaves nothing to chance, especially if she thinks she is being followed. Her policy is to bring them down, secure them, then question them later. I will admit my heart was in my mouth every time she left somewhere by herself, as despite not being one to be messed with, she had a lot of enemies happy to try. 


As the links between Gérard and the list of suspects became evermore entangled, the more the mystery deepened, and the more dangerous the situation became for Mel. She might be feeling vulnerable and let down by Gérard, but she’s not one to show it, especially to Jeff McCracken, the Met detective she must work alongside. With different backgrounds and working practices, theirs was not an easy pairing, but one that gave great value to the reader.


This was one of those books where I never knew who to trust or where it would take me next. With financial fraud, blackmail, international criminals and a multi-unit investigation centred in Brussels, London and rural France, there is no shortage of action or thrill to the plot. 


Mel moves rapidly from safe houses to an undercover role, to full military combat, whilst trying to understand the actions of a man she thought she knew and establish the hidden identity of who it is who holds all the answers, before they silence her.


This book may have been a bit different to my usual reads, but I enjoyed the fast pace and the constant character analysing that went on in my head as I attempted to piece it all together. Mel is certainly a character I’d like to revisit, so I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.


Next week Alison Morton will be joining me back here on the blog for a new interview feature, From the Writing Desk, where we will be talking about her writing, the pandemic and getting some behind the scenes info on Double Identity.

French Village Diaries book review Double Identity Alison Morton #DoubleMirrorTour
Join me next week for a new interview feature
From the Writing Desk


Double Identity is available in ebook and paperback format and links to Amazon can be found below.




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French Village Diaries book review Double Identity Alison Morton #DoubleMirrorTour
Alison Morton

About the Author

Alison Morton writes award-winning thrillers featuring tough, but compassionate heroines. She blends her deep love of France with six years’ military service and a life of reading crime, historical, adventure and thriller fiction. On the way, she collected a BA in modern languages and an MA in history.


"Grips like a vice - a writer to watch out for" says crime thriller writer Adrian Magson about Roma Nova series starter INCEPTIO. All six full-length Roma Nova thrillers have won the BRAG Medallion, the prestigious award for indie fiction. SUCCESSIO, AURELIA and INSURRECTIO were selected as Historical Novel Society’s Indie Editor’s Choices. AURELIA was a finalist in the 2016 HNS Indie Award. The Bookseller selected SUCCESSIO as Editor’s Choice in its inaugural indie review.


Alison now lives in Poitou in France, where part of Double Identity is set and is writing a sequel as well as continuing her Roma Nova series.


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French Village Diaries book reviews
French Village Diaries book reviews


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    1. We've both enjoyed it, and it's not often that happens!

  2. Lovely review, well done Alison (and I 100% agree!)


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