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The Queen's Dressmaker by Meghan Masterson

French Village Diaries book review The Queen's Dressmaker by Meghan Masterson
The Queen's Dressmaker Meghan Masterson

The Queen’s Dressmaker by Meghan Masterson


Book Description


One woman must choose between loyalty to her queen and the man she loves…

Giselle always dreamed of making beautiful dresses, but never thought she would be chosen to attend to the elegant, but troubled, queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Within the glittering, mirrored walls of the palace, Giselle ensures the queen shines brighter than anyone, with not a single feather or ruffle out of place, no matter how she might feel inside.

Being so close to the queen, Giselle is there for her most private and unguarded moments. As whispers spread through the court about the violent protests sweeping across the country and the growing threat to the royal family, Giselle sees the cracks in Marie Antoinette’s perfect image.

On a visit home to her family in Paris, Giselle experiences the troubles first-hand, getting caught up in a dangerous riot. When handsome Léon comes to her aid, she falls in love with this kind, clever young man. But Léon does not share her admiration for the royals, siding with those who believe they should no longer be in power.

Returning to the palace, Giselle is shocked to find the very lives of the royal family now at stake. Marie Antoinette appeals to her to help them escape France and Giselle faces a heart-wrenching choice. Will Giselle risk the guillotine herself to save the life of her beloved queen? And can she do so without betraying the man she loves?

Based on true events, this is an absolutely gripping historical novel of loyalty, betrayal, power and passion. Fans of Les MisérablesGirl with a Pearl Earring and My Dear Hamilton will be totally swept away by this heart-breaking page-turner.

Previously published as The Wardrobe Mistress.

French Village Diaries book review The Queen's Dressmaker by Meghan Masterson
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My review 

This book takes you to the heart of Versailles at a turbulent time for France and the royal family. It is an historical novel that cleverly weaves the lives of real people and events alongside the stories of the fictional characters we meet. This is a love story of two young people thrown together during a riot, who are carried along in the wave of revolution fever and the heady excitement of romance. The tension in Paris is as palpable as the passion between them as the story builds to its inevitable outcome. 


Giselle is sharp, observant and clever, with an eye for fashion and an ambition to design her own clothes. As one of Marie-Antoinette’s wardrobe ladies, these traits get her noticed within the royal household, but also attract interest from life outside the palace. 


I felt the conflict and turmoil for Giselle, who despite her young age, could see and understand both sides of the revolution that was tearing Paris and France apart. She witnessed the riots on the streets, the food shortages and difficulties everyone was facing first hand, but alongside her frustration at the king and queen’s lack of comprehension of life outside the palace, she also understood their vulnerability at the hands of revolutionaries. She is loyal and has the courage to stand up for what she believes is right, putting her in difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. 


The tension, emotion and eye for detail in this book swept me along, adding the real-life grit to the knowledge I’d learned in history.


This is definitely one for the historical fiction lovers out there and with the Kindle version currently only 99p, don’t miss out.

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French Village Diaries book review The Queen's Dressmaker by Meghan Masterson
Meghan Masterson

Author Bio


Meghan Masterson graduated from the University of Calgary with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, and has worked several unrelated jobs while writing on the side. When not writing, Meghan can often be found reading at all hours (even at breakfast), practicing archery and roaming through the woods with her dog.

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