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9th June Covid-19 changes in France

French Village Diaries 9th June Covid-19 changes in France
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9th June Covid-19 changes in France

From today, we have a few more significant changes in order for daily life in France to return to ‘normal’. These include the pushing back of our nightly curfew to eleven o’clock in the evening (until six o’clock in the morning) and the opening of the interiors of cafés, bars and restaurants, although only at fifty percent capacity for the moment. Life will certainly feel a bit more normal, summery and celebratory, although I have to confess, we are in no rush to eat in a restaurant just yet. After a winter of nothing but lockdowns, curfews and rubbish weather it will take a bit of time for going out to become routine again, although we have enjoyed a few outdoor bar stops in the last two weeks, and we are very much enjoying the return of the hot weather.


Sports halls, stadia and theme parks will also be opening this week, just in time to welcome the foreign tourists, who from the 9th June will be permitted to arrive in France. The rules of entry depend on where you are coming from and whether or not you are vaccinated. This handy graphic from FRANCE24 should give you an idea of what you need to do, if you are planning a visit this summer. Don’t forget, for the moment, masks are still required inside and outside is some areas of France.


French Village Diaries 9th June Covid-19 changes in France
France 24 summery of information

In terms of vaccinations, since the end of May, anyone in France who is over eighteen has been eligible for their vaccinations and certainly in our area there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of appointments. As all under fifty-fives in France are only eligible for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, which are being given with a six-week interval between first and second jabs, by the end of the summer we should see the majority of the population fully vaccinated.


These are great steps forward, but to ensure we with don’t find ourselves hit by another wave of the virus, or a new mutation, we need to learn to live sensibly alongside it, rather than go mad with this new-found freedom. 

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  1. Things have loosened too much here, as well, and it will be worse with all the summer tourism. I agree -- there could be another wave. I am so grateful for my vaccinations.


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