Monday, June 21, 2021

Welcome to summer


French Village Diaries welcome to summer
Storm clouds in Melle at midsummer 

Midsummer's Day

It's 21st June and summer has officially arrived here in France, allegedly. This photo shows the weather as Ed and I arrived in Melle this afternoon for his first covid-19 vaccination. 

The thunder was rumbling almost immediately after the lightning flashed across the sky and the rain fell hard and fast. We were early enough for his appointment that we could sit it out in the car for a bit, but the only parking space I could get was quite a walk from the vaccination centre and I didn’t even fancy getting out to check the boot for an umbrella. Luckily, I am nimble, so I climbed over the driver’s seat into the back, flipped one of the back seats down and crawled into the boot to retrieve the umbrella I was so pleased was in there.  By the time we got out of the car we had to paddle through puddles as the car park had turned into a lake. So much for summer and the live music events that are normally held all over France for the Fête de la musique every 21st June. I’d like my hot, sunny days back please.

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