Monday, August 2, 2021

The silent blogger

French Village Diaries the silent blogger sunflowers France
Sunflowers (with busy bees, if you look closely)

My first month working at the library is done, I’m loving being back and life is good. 


Life is also busy, and the biggest challenge has been coordinating life around three (or four if I include Ed’s girlfriend Pearl) different working schedules, as none of us are working Monday to Friday, nine to five. We have also had to factor in a flat move for Ed and Pearl an hour away in Poitiers, meaning packing, cleaning, moving and furniture buying also had to be slotted into our busy weeks. It hasn’t been easy, but we are almost there.


The weather hasn’t been on my side either. I don’t need wet, chilly days to keep on top of the mowing or to dry the washing, but consistent warm and sunny seems to have eluded us so far this summer. As we approach our seventeenth anniversary of moving to France (at the end of this week), experience tells me August is not normally a settled month weather wise, so I can only hope it will buck its usual trend this year. Chatting to Bernadette at our village boulangerie at the weekend, it was nice to know it is not just us struggling with the lack of sunshine. She confirmed that she and many other customers are also feeling fatigued and lacking in energy. It seems we all have solar cells that are desperately in need of a recharge.

French Village Diaries the silent blogger chaos of life
My plastic storage box cupboard



Household chores are piling up, along with the potager produce, that needs processing and freezing. This photo, taken yesterday, of my plastic storage box cupboard reflects the current state of my mind. You can see that at one point there was organisation and order, but chaos is now creeping in. Just like the cupboard contents that spill out when I try to locate a specific box, with matching lid, things to do and stuff to remember are tumbling around in my head and getting lost.

It is my journal writing and blogging that have had to give and although I’m not happy about that, I have to accept I can’t always do everything. I have so much to share, from a new addition to the family (think wheels not feet) and a weekend away cycling, to proud parenting moments and exciting challenges at work. I will get there, I promise, once I’ve found a better balance and life calms down a little.  

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  1. Busy, crazy summer. You'll conquer. We'll be here when you do.

    I can relate to your plastic cupboard. I used to have that same situation -- it started out well and then... well, you know. Eventually, I replaced most of the plastic (except a couple of larger square things) with china dishes that came with plastic lids that are about the size of a tall soup bowl so they hold about two/two and a half cups. They're great, because I use them for everything and the only "slippery" thing is the lids, which I've managed to corral in a basket that fits in my cupboard. Before that, I had continual "tupperware avalanches" whenever I opened the cupboard! Good luck with it all. It's just that kind of summer.


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